Biz loans that are all the rage …..

House of Cash

I keep up with a lot of news relating to business financing.

And one thing I’m commonly hearing is about how one type of financing has burst on the scene and helped hundreds-of-thousands of business owners nationwide grow their businesses.

USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, even SBA are all talking about this financing… many sources are even saying it’s “the best financing available”.

So what is this type of financing, and most importantly… will it work for you?

It actually goes by many names including revenue lending or financing, cash flow based financing, merchant advances, and some other similar names.

And if you have consistent cash flow of more than 10k per month… yes, it probably WILL work for you… no matter if you have collateral or personal credit challenges.

With cash flow financing you can get money quickly, in as little as 72 hours, with only a review of your most recent business bank statements.

Want to eliminate junk mail from your life?

exploding headWant to prevent the credit bureaus from selling your information?

A loophole in the law now allows the four largest credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian, Trans Union and Innovis to sell your personal and private financial information to any and all lenders both in the US and overseas. The financial information they are selling includes your name, address, phone number (including unlisted phone numbers, credit score, current debt, debt history, property information, age, gender and estimated income. Luckily there is a free and easy way for you to put a stop to this practice.

Have you ever wondered why you receive offers in the mail for credit or insurance which say you are already approved? It is because the credit bureaus have sold all of your personal credit information to these companies. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), the Credit Reporting Agencies (Experian, Innovis, Equifax and Trans Union) are permitted to include your name on lists used by creditors or insurers to make firm offers of credit or insurance that are not initiated by you (“Firm Offers”).