SBA Financing Tips

Small Business Administration

As the credit markets continue to tighten, an old reliable source of financing for small businesses, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and its loan programs, is once again being looked at as a critical component in providing liquidity in the market.  It is now imperative small business owners understand what is required of them to tap into this source of financing. The SBA lending market has changed dramatically over the past 120-180 days and the effect on lenders in this market has been dramatic as well.  Several top SBA lenders have completely left the market with most others pulling back significantly.  Losses and defaults are up and can no longer be offset with high interest rates (prime rate is at an historical low and capital costs are relatively high) or premiums earned on the secondary market, as there is no secondary market for SBA loans currently.  This means SBA lenders are now approaching loans in a much more conservative manner and assessing risk instead of simply booking sufficient volume to stay ahead of delinquencies and defaults.  This is being done on all loan applications, not just yours.   There is going to be much more due diligence on the part of the lender and more hurdles for the borrower to jump.  The days of 100% financing and fixed rate loans may be a thing of the past, but reasonable financing is still available to those borrowers willing to work a little harder and smarter.

Green up your lawn

I am a credit and business finance adviser.  Many people consider me an expert.  Hell, I’ve secured over $250,000,000 in financing for small business owners in the last 3.5 years.  I must be doing something right.  This blog is all about credit and money.  Building and maintaining your credit–and how to leverage it for the purpose of growing a business.  Yet, sometimes I come across things that have nothing to do with credit or money.  Things that make a difference in my life and I think I owe it to you to pay it forward.  Here’s one I found a month ago and the results have been amazing.

I’ve got a beautiful back yard.  Go to my Facebook page and you’ll see pics everywhere.  It’s where I work (yup I write this stuff on my laptop on the patio).  It’s where I play.  It truly is my most prized possession.  Now having a nice yard doesn’t come cheap and quite frankly, that’s how this started.  I was spending in excess of $500 annually on fertilizers, plant food and the like.  So I started searching the internet on home remedies for fertilization.  I found many but this one was explained the best and made the most sense.