Home Made Noodles and Soup – Try Once And You’ll Never Go Back

With today’s blog I’d like to take you back in time.  To a time where you might have been sitting in your grandmothers kitchen.  If you were lucky like me, you were visiting your grandparent’s farm.  They were both 100% German.  Boy, could my grandma cook.  Almost 50 years later I can still see her over the stove with her cast iron skillets making breakfast of fresh side pork, potatoes, and eggs crackling in the hot lard.  Wants to make my arteries harden just thinking about it.

Well, my grandma made several things that I’ve never forgot.  Some German pastries (strudels), and cakes, (kuckens)……..and noodles.  You’ve seen my picture.  Does it look like I don’t eat those things?  She had fresh chickens and fresh vegetables and I lived for the day when she would make her chicken soup.  I still remember the recipe, especially for the home made noodles.  Take the time and try these just once.  You will “never” buy store bought noodles again.

1 cup flour
1 egg
1tablespoon vegetable oil
2 tablespoons water

You can multiply this recipe as you see fit.  Know that when I make soup for 5 adults I quadruple the recipe and have a little leftover for the next day.

Mix the egg, oil and water together stirring briskly with a fork as to make sure the egg yolk is broken and totally incorporated.  Put the flour into a bowl and form a bird’s nest.  Pour the egg mixture in and stir with your fork until you have a sticky lump of dough.  Grease your hands with a little oil and knead until smooth.  Put into a zip lock bag and put in fridge for at least an hour.


Boil a whole chicken in a large pot.  Pour thru strainer saving broth.  Put broth back into pot and add six to eight cups of water depending on size of pot.  Add one chicken bullion cube for each cup.  Also add a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of pepper at this time.  Throw in a bay leaf or two.

De-bone the chicken and add the meat back to the pot.  I like to throw in around a teaspoon of minced garlic at this point along with a pinch of oregano and a pinch of dried lemon peel.  Top it off with ¼ cup of fresh parsley and ¼ cup of fresh scallions (mince the stalks of the scallions and include too).

Now its time for the vegetables.  Of course carrots and celery are mandatory.  Slice em, dice em or put them in the pot in chunks.  Your call.    I like to add a green or red bell pepper, fresh sliced mushrooms, ½ cup of white onion and maybe even some fresh basil.  Bring the pot to a gentle boil and let go for 30 minutes or so.

While the veggies are getting done, take the dough out of the fridge.  It’s time to make noodles.  I use the kitchen table much to my wife’s dismay.  Cover it with flour and start rolling.  Personally, I like my noodles on the thick side but roll to whatever desired thickness.  I then use a pizza wheel cutter to cut them.  Real easy and you can do it gently enough that you won’t put marks on the table.  Turn the heat up on the pot to get it boiling pretty steady.  Take the noodles and lay them in the pot one by one.  Not on top of each other.  Not even touching each other.  Make a layer and wait a few seconds and then stir them in.  Repeat until all the noodles are mixed in the soup.  YOU’RE DONE!!!!!!!

Wait five minutes or so and ladle it out.  My family and neighbors beg me to make this soup weekly.  Even in the hot summer.  Trust me.  It will be a hit….

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