Is “Building Business Credit” for REAL?

Darrell Hornbacher here.  In the past you’ve received information from me on a variety of business related funding products.  You know how challenging it is to get capital and I’ve striven to keep you informed with the most up to date info available on the market.

For several years I’ve researched “Building Business Credit”.  I’ve interviewed dozens of purveyors of the product.  Never have I endorsed one because I didn’t want my sterling reputation tarnished.  Over promise……..Under deliver…….was the typical mantra.  Charging enormous up front fees and additional “points” on the back end…..They all sing the same tune.  Until now……..

Last week (against my better judgment) I took the time to talk to one more of these guys.  I gotta tell ya, I’m glad I did.  For the first time I found someone that “tells the truth”!  Someone who has a program that actually builds business credit and gets the funding the rest only claim.  And best of all, at a reasonable price!