Business Credit Cards

These are challenging financial times.  The days of walking into a bank and receiving a line of credit by simply applying are gone.   At least for the foreseeable future.  But you still need money and it’s time to explore alternative options.  Today’s post is about a quick and easy method to obtain funding that you are going to initially shy away from.  But read on. Business credit cards are a viable way to infuse cash into your business.  Yes, they are “credit cards”.  No, “credit card” is not a four letter word.  At least not in this case.

Business credit cards are identical to personal credit cards with a few differences.  As far as applying, the application is the same, except with a business credit card you must add your business information including your EIN.  Your approval is still mainly based on your personal credit score but business information is taken into account. That’s it.  Upon approval you will receive instant access to as much as $50,000.