The Missing Inc.

Properly naming your company

A friend referred a new business client to me recently. I’ll call the corporation “Guys and Dolls.” Only problem is its legal name should be “Guys and Dolls, Inc.” or “Guys and Dolls Company” or something which indicates it is a corporation. Similarly, if Guys and Dolls was a limited liability company, it would need to include LLC or such in its legal name.

The owner of Guys and Dolls formed the corporation through the Colorado Secretary of State, which warns that corporate designators are required under state law but still allows a user to file without one. Guys and Dolls compounded that incorporation mistake by using the Inc-less name to refer to itself in all of its business dealings.

It’s Legal Week

Hello everyone.  After a long holiday week it’s time to get back to work.   One of the things us business owners always seem to slack off on is the legal end of running our business.  Therefore, I have asked my friend, Jim Thomas, of Minor and Brown, to write a few articles that I am going to portray on the blog this week.

Jim is one of the most knowledgeable business attorneys I know.  He has helped hundreds of business owners get out of sticky situations, not to mention preventing them from being there in the first place.  Stay tuned and read em all.  They’ll save you tons of time and money in the future.