Another Fathers Day has passed.  I gotta tell ya, it was the BEST Fathers Day I’ve had in years.  Two of my sons live here in Denver and we get together regularly.  My oldest son lives in Minneapolis.  I haven’t seen him in four years.  Wow, how time flies.  He chose to take his vacation and spend it with his brothers and dear old dad here in Denver.

Arriving last Wednesday, we’ve had an action packed week so far.  The whole family went to see the Colorado Rockies beat the Pittsburgh Pirates and had an awesome time.  “The boys” and I all went and played in a Texas Hold Em tourney with Todd finishing in 4th place out of 89 entrants.  There have been barbeques and day trips exploring Colorado’s great attractions.  It all culminated on Fathers Day with a backyard barbeque and pool party.  It was an incredible day.  Twenty five of our closest friends and their families all enjoying great weather, great companionship and great food.  And there you have it, the reason for today’s blog entry, FOOD.

A Southern Recipe Rooted in Friendship

Hello there.  I am so incredibly happy to have you here today.  It is a sincere honor that you’re willing to take some of your valuable time and spend it with me.  I’ve thought about what to write for my inaugural blog for awhile.  I’ve settled on a feel good story and a recipe.  I promise it will be worth it.  We’ll talk biz and loan and credit stuff next.

In 1983 I lived in Birmingham, Alabama.  Having grown up in Michigan I had never been south of the Mason Dixon line in my life save a trip to Florida.  The south was simply a “place to drive through” to get to those glorious beaches.  I was married with a baby and another on the way.  My job was that of a traveling salesman.  My territory encompassed all of Alabama and Mississippi, parts of Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana and the Florida panhandle.  I was typically gone at least three nights a week.